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hooraz TUMBLR!

Meet  MELSDQUEEN and get HEX-ed.


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When Wildfire talked about U2, I realized I missed the chances to dig much about them. Indeed a great band. Larry Mullen Jr. is such a BIG plus on their group.

Jose Pasillas, Chad Szeliga, Mike Wengren are just some of my fav drum flavors *runs*

not to mention of the other kinda giggling flavors too, if you know what I mean.

Prison break on its 7th episode. Alright! Heroes new episode and much more!

I missed Spirited Away! Oh no Kietlen! *sobs*

GITS and Chuck. Ok, Chuck. Who watches Chuck here? Well, Chuck is not about powers and prisons.

It’s about LEGOMATICS.

Sorry for my perpetual senselessness. Even Chris Cornell noticed it.

He likes pop tunes now :/

It’s a songline from U2’s Stay (Faraway, So Close!)

Wildfire is an alien btw, FYI.

Thank you.

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When lithesomeice sent me the ebook of the Twilight story, I was toadly excited to read it, coz you know why? It’s because of tessa . Well, hmm really at first, since I am checking from time to time, I stumbled on this rare kind of flick, The Twilight (Alright, please do search for it, Im lazy to insert the link here).

Then. What about tessa? She made us slavesssssssss! *weeps*

It’s all about the uber “kilig” kinda story of vampire and a human. Yeah a fangless vampire I said!

So, I am still reading for it until now before I’ll watch the movie. Angels and Demons is coming.


I am really busy. Even posting this entry munches TOO MUCH of my fvckin time for those who don’t even care to read.

Heh! Yeah thanks to Doutzen Kroes. The girl in the image above. The nine tiny stormtroopers really are stuck on her.

A disturbance indeed.

But more Uber-Disturbancessss in HERE too. Who is she?’s lover.

What I like about Tyler Durden is, he hates LiLo, though in all my honesty I love Lilo (Huh? what? Now Im disturbed.. Feel free to ignore!)

My brain is frigging ( pardon the meaning) tired and drained.

…continue later *flees*

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A lesbo texted me last night and invited me for a movie.


What did I reply?

“I am MARRIED. Don’t ever text me again!”

uber DOOMAGE dammit!

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Fucked up

My keyboard is fucked up so I’m eyeing on G15 Logitech Keyboard. The Lord of The Rings Keyset is off the wishlist now.

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too little time…

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