Once upon a time, there was a princess in the small kingdom of Durian land, Davao. She is an ambitious pricess. She dreams of one day having a trip in the outer space – you know – coffee at the asteroid belt, space hopping in Mars, and golf playing at the moon.

She exudes long black hair, slender physique, and a monster appetite for Goldilocks polvoron. She loves art by nature. She creates several art crafts for kingdoms who need a thing for beauty and extravagance.

One night, she dreams of her prince, Brandon Boyd, the lord of incubus and her godfather Luis Royo, god of fantasy art, granted her wish to have the love of her life.

She will be going to Mars soon. As she will meet her prince in person and visit Pixarland, home of the famous animators.

The tale of Princess Leigh does not end here yet, and no, it is not yet time to say happily ever after.

The END… as of now


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  1. 1

    almaritchel said,

    Nice description…

  2. 2

    joseph sator said,

    hello! link mo ko sa blogroll mo -> http://www.josephsator.info tnx! 😀

  3. 3

    breelee said,

    sure… i’ll link you right after you link me. 🙂

  4. 4

    Ronald said,

    Ma’am you’re dream may finally come true! I’ve been researching about an engine that may be used to explore outer space.. This engine is fueled by a special kind of combustible gas.. That when it is being burned, the smoke cycles within the surface of the engine and is absorbed eventually, just enough time to be reused again as a fuel.. You know na, recycling used fuel can be possible.. Though the components of the fuel are broken down when burnt, but it can still be combined together again later.. Amazing technology huh? With this, you can even travel out there in space forever without having to worry about exhausting your fuel.. And the engine’s made out of a special metal which can last even for a lifetime.. Wow!! Yeah! I dream of this kind of invention.. At least.. Hehehehehehe :D:D

  5. 5

    breelee said,

    Ok. Show me the engine.

  6. 6

    feRn said,

    interesting pRiNcess! LOL!:D

  7. 7

    iceman9 said,

    @ breelee

    ive come to say hello.

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